New Construction


Phases of New Construction:
  • Site visit and consultation
  • Design development and approval
  • Construction
  • Addition of plants and fish (optional)

Anything Aquatic has one of the best pond construction divisions in the area. Our years of experience guide us in designing and building water features that function well and are easy to maintain. Because each project is designed and built by owner/operator Mike Parmley, the overall project is cohesive in its design and construction.

Anything Aquatic is a small company that values quality, artisan work. We consider ourselves "aquatic artists" and strive to build water features that satisfy you the customer and make us proud as well. We schedule our projects to allow our creativity to blossom without being forced. By choice, we won't build a lot of water features each year, but rather we specialize in building a few GREAT water features, large or small. It may take time for us to begin your project, but your patience will be well-rewarded.

So, if you want peace of mind your project will exceed your expectations and be built to last, let Anything Aquatic design and build your new feature.